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worldwide including los angeles. many protesters today stopped traffic coming fancy than in the street chanting. from arrests were made for the most part demonstrations were peaceful. roughly 180 arrest in new york. >> this guy looks but he isn't a game. " >> protesters tried to block access to the new york stock exchange. essex >>pam: almost into years, the san jose police made an announcement today. but she is calling it quits. he says circumstances in his life have changed and he will leave the department at less than five months. >> the san jose police chief walked into a crowded conference room to announce his retirement. >> this is my decision killing that was not left into it. >> he is leaving was some are calling turmoil and san jose. phfft crimes are up in pension reform on the table with pay cuts in effect. >> is a difficult time. i believe we're one to find a result of litigation. >> it has been less than two years since the deep -- since the chief took charge. is that circumstances have changed but he has enjoyed working with the community. >> that she will ret
is preparing to move the endeavor from florida to its permanent home in los angeles but the trip is not a direct flight. the space shuttle endeavor is riding piggyback on board a modified 747 and is scarcely the kennedy space center in florida around 7:15 a.m.. the shuttle will land and spent wednesday night at ellington field in houston. on wednesday it will fly west to el tasso where it will make a brief fueling stop and then off to california. it will spend thursday night at edwards air force base. around 7:00 a.m. the shuttle will begin its tour of california flying north of the central valley and then making a low altitude as of the state capital in sacramento before turning west heading toward san francisco. nasa says the shuttle made low altitude visits to multiple bay area landmarks. the shuttle will head south down the coast toward los angeles where it will make a brief tour over the city before landing at lax before noon. >> here are some of the best places to watch the shuttle. the berkeley marina is also a good spot, fisherman's wharf, christie feels and sausalito. a
and final journey to the california science center but that route towards los angeles is causing controversy. why people are upset. >>reporter: the space shuttle endeavor will begin its final journey here at the los angeles international airport. it will take a 12 mi. trip along city streets to the california a science center. however it is causing a lot of controversy because of these removals of trees. >> this route, he will pass the famous landmarks and the infamous 405 freeway. it cannot go on the freeway because it is too large for the overpass. the first stop will be in inglewood with over 130 trees have been removed. the mayor says that it is a good deal for the city. >> one of the things that manchester boulevard has been preserved about 2.5 years ago and it needed to be--resurfaced because these tree roots were buckling the pavement. we will get an opportunity to replace these trees in every five-10 years. also a too-for-1 will be a master plan. also remember that it is going to be 8 participation in history. with endeavor. am i do not think that history should be have to be removed
the final flight towards los angeles and touchdown at lax. the final will be on the ground and it will take up to 12 hours to the catch the shuttle. and it will be loaded onto a special truck to take to a for the final 12-miles. with the team coverage of the endeavor continues right now. >> a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with huge crowds gathered by the golden gate bridge to witness history. >> i am from st. louis and we heard about it from the paper and we got this will be exciting. >> a mixture of tourists and locals who wanted to see this on its final flight. they waited in may shore that their cameras were ready. and the shuttle began its approach. they waited and made sure that there cameras were ready. and it was on its jet escort. >> it is wonderful. it was exciting. >> it was cool. >> endeavor flew near alcatraz for a nother round near the bridge. >> you can fill the goosebumps. >> i thought it was really cool. i'm glad i skipped school for this. >> i had tears in my eyes it was so overwhelming. >> awesome. >> emotional moment with endeavor in san francisco, kron 4. >> this is wha
situation. we hit the streets of los angeles, atlanta and dallas to hear if people are better now been compared to four years ago in terms of wages, the general consensus seems to be that most people do not make as much as they used to. >> i make about one-third of what i did four years ago. >> i a.m making less money into the sad part is i have a master's degree. >> even corporate jobs to not pay what they were for five years ago. >> a gorgeous day around the bay area. san francisco was soaked in it sunshine. for tonight, clear skies and a breezy winds with the fog developing after midnight. for tomorrow, look for a warmer day at warmer temperatures through this week. we will have fog of war we develop tonight and retreat as we go to the morning. >> knew at the public market in emeryville, this be the place is called hot italian periods of >> he is in the real thing, he was born in italy and bears the title of my straw. he is passionate about pizza. >> ims happy when i make pizza >> the ingredients are locally sourced for fresh from italy. >> to find out more about hot italia
laced incident in los angeles pin. we have no idea of this affects his upcoming toward the kicks off in november. >> a thriller held in the and the street coast been pressed the ticket sales. >> >>vicki: homeland of wins the emmy award for best drama. eric stone street of modern family won his first emmy award. modern family what is the third straight award. >> it is a nice day tomorrow rights. >> at it looks great. it will be a very pleasant eighties in land and '70s in the heart of the bay. >>vicki: that is it for us. will be back in 11 pin -- will be back at 11:00. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. [ man ] it's big.
to you and that's what friends are for. he died of complications from a stroke this morning in los angeles at the agef 91. >>gabe: is to pack out is a new iphone apt. while watching a political advertisement, the user can hold up their phone to identify the commercial to receive objective third-party information. it uses the technology is similar to voice recognition dehere, understand and process the added is listening to. it matches audio waves against a data base. the super pak application allows the user to read the out while understanding who and how much money is behind the advertisement and and the claim they are making and if the claims are based on fact. it is a new tool for voters, a simple way to bring transparency to th for now it is fully funded, there's no advertisements. for a link on where to download log on and look for my tech page. >>darya: >>vicki: apple is asking a federal court to add four more of its rivals' products of the list of those that infringe on patents. apple filed documents on friday asking a judge to stop saddam's sons release of what it conside
words for her friend. >> this is sentences it. san francisco has always been cooler than los angeles. >> the giants are tied with the dodgers right now furious this tax data >> the giants had a huge a series of the daughters this regard. the giants have to l.a. for three games, friday, saturday in an extended period want >> it was a gorgeous day today we are expecting another beautiful day tomorrow, mostly clear conditions of passed yet coastal fog. a lot of sunshine drop the week and was 70's along the bay, ladies and even warmer temperatures as we head into the work would appear if future cast 4 set for this hour showing us 60s along the coast of this is for the aids era at looks like we will be waking up to widespread '50s to from morning indicated by the blue-collar odysseys. it is close to warm up quickly. 70's finance. tsk have we are expected mid-60's some are for those of you going to the giants game is going to be sunny and nice. half first pitch will be out one of 5:00 p.m.. half for your 7 day around the bay shows us that things will warm up. >>pam: we're learning more
. this is the mayor of los angeles. he opened to the ceremonies earlier today, just one of the many big named speakers there. denied our political analyst is here to help us a breakdown of the dnc today but first, grandmother is is that. he has been following the convention and has denied highlights. >> it president clinton just wrapped up. it is no secret that obama and clan are not the best of friends that each realizes that supported one another is mutually beneficial. clinton is wildly popular in democratic circles was electrified making the case for reelecting the president. >> we know that he tried to work with republicans. that did not work out so well. it could have been a because as the senate republican leader said, and a remarkable moment of candor, two full years before the election, their number one priority was not to put america back to work, it was to put the president out of work. senator, i hate to break you, we're want to keep the president on. the president's plan cuts the deck, honors our values and braise the future of our children, our families and our nation. it passes the ar
to be in the hands of los angeles official told the associated press thursday that authorities believe that a 55-year-old coptic christian, a us citizen named nakoula basseley nakoula, is behind the film. a convicted felon, mr. nakoula has changed his version of events numerous prma is paying tribute to bay area native ambassador chris stevens and three others killed in the assault on the u.s. compound in libya, calling them patriots who served america's ideals -- and laid down their lives for others. >>reporter: some say it was deliberate. >> i was purrs-described actions by citizens. >>reporter: is no believe that it continues to be pre- planned. demonstrations however continue to be ongoing in other areas of the globe. >> tonight the first looked into libya of. the ruins, the blood stains smeared on the wall. saying that the tuesday night attack was planned by islamic militants. overwhelming american guards. the first line of defense was easily breached. this man died of smoke inhalation after being separated from his guard in the chaos. and the darkness. today, we spoke with some involved at the
division title is down to six games. that is after the los angeles doctor's split a doubleheader in washington. new tonight, we spoke to fans at at&t park that are getting ready for a post season wrong. >> and another busy day at the box office. a steady trickle of giants fans getting tickets all day. bothers, son's going towards at&t park to get the 2012 squad. >> they just work together to get a lot of teamwork. >> with the division teamwork within grasp they are looking at the post season and the possibility for a world series title. >> the have the pitching and defense. >> some of the other fans, the niners fans were also better but also mainly orange and black. >> they're going well and they could keep going. >> some people driving four hours and this woman even flew in from the united kingdom. this team has a chance to win every time they take the field. >> it is amazing they have done a great. half. (b ritish accent) >> will have more with gary radnich coming up, later. new tonight at 8:00 p.m. police have released a sketch of two suspects that were part of a break and at
. >> in new york city came in no. 1, norman's came in second followed by a baltimore and los angeles aren't fourth. san francisco is not the only be area city with a trash problem. stanley roberts has been in the east bay, we have more on what he found later tonight. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. so call now to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. that includes access
it and you're in. thoughtful of the wish to kill all the havoc and the unseasonable when los angeles. he along with kobe bryant in the first decade of dominant safe. he was the league's mvp in 2000.
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13